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Error when copying from one form library to another

Question asked by jtownson on Jan 16, 2018
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I have built a very basic workflow to copy Infopath forms from one Sharepoint (2010 on prem)  form library to another on the same site if it doesn't already exist.   These are old forms that I am archiving off (2015) so are no longer being accessed.


It will copy randomly between 5 to 13 forms and then I get "an error has occurred in *worklflow name** with no other error message.  I have tried everything, pauses, commit changes etc.  Its not the documents themselves because if i restart the workflow it will then copy it and a further 5/6 forms before erroring again.


I have spent about 2 days on it and still not working   any ideas?  I have created the workflow from scratch in case it was some sort of corruption.