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Setting a Managed Metadata field dynamically using Javascript in O365 forms

Question asked by nichie on Jan 18, 2018



The requirement is to set  value / filter a managed metadata field dynamically using JavaScript in O365 Nintex forms.

There were multiple ways through which I tried to set value on the metadata field, like

  • NWF$("#"+MMDColumn).val({value from another MMD field}) and triggering the NWF$("#"+MMDColumn).change() function.
  • Also, Inserting a HTML' <div class="selected-item"> <span class="item" data-id="' + selectedValues[i].id + '"> selectedValues[i].name </span></div>' in to the text area, which does not reflect after submitting the form.
  • Looking for any hidden fields on the page which needs to be updated for the save to be reflected.

But none of above helped. Attached screen shot of the requirement.

.Filter MMD values