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"Print to PDF" stopped working

Question asked by cmikhaiel on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by cmikhaiel

After upgrading Nintex/SP 2010 to the most recent release published in December 2017. We have noticed that the "Print to PDF" button that is available for the Enterprise license has stopped working on all the forms. I've contacted Support to have a look at it. And I'm hoping anyone who might have encountered the same issue to shed some light on what the problem/solution might be? 


If there is a way to troubleshoot it as well, that would be great. 


The Javascript for it at the footer of the page looks like this: 


Previously, when clicking on it, it would convert the form to pdf and download to desktop for the user to open and print. Now when clicking on it, it just shows this for couple of seconds and then nothing happens.