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Create rule to hide control when another controls equals a value

Question asked by brianknight on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by brianknight

Ok, I'm trying to create a rule that will hide a particular control until another control equals a specific value.  I've created the rule and assigned it to the control that I want to hide.  I have attempted to create the condition (this is where I'm sure my issue lies) and selected the box "hide".   However when I attempt to test the form, the entire form is hidden and not just control I'm looking to hide.  See pics

The rule is set for the control "PC_Model" which happens to be the item selected.  

Here is my formula.  I'm trying to hid the control until the drop down control "Equipment_Type" equals "Personal Computer".  When I run this the entire form is hidden.

If I take out the rule or the remove the condition, the form comes back.  If I just uncheck the box "Hide", the form looks like the pic above.  First glance, I obviously have a formatting issue.  Just trying to figure out the correct syntax here.