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Workflow does not start automatically

Question asked by bsieloff on Jan 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by bsieloff

I can see, I'm not the only one with this question....


My scenario is:  I have a workflow (A).  It gets kicked off by the workflow admin (UserA). This workflow then has forms which will create a task in the 'workflow tasks' list but the tasks can be assigned to any user (User B,C,D, etc...).  The client does not want UserB seeing UserC, or UserD's tasks or being able to update someone elses task.   Very understandable.  Usually I would just create a workflow on the 'workflow task' list that resets the permissions to strip away all permissions and then grant the 'assigned to' task person contribute rights.  Thus, only the 'assigned to' user can see or update the task they have been assigned in the 'workflow task' list.


This does not seem to work in O365 because the workflow assigned to the 'workflow task' list does not start automatically because the system created the task not UserB,C,D...


I have seen suggestions about using the start workflow action, but I will not be able to execute the start workflow action until after the assign task action has completed. 


I have also seen a suggestion about turning on "Workflow can use App permissions" in site features.  That did not work.


It may be possible to run the task in parallel with the task action.  The parallel branch could then have a 1 minute delay and then execute the 'run workflow' action using the task ID generated from the task action on the other side of the parallel branch.  Not sure that would work though, I'll have to test it.


It is odd thought that it does work for me.  Probably because I'm an admin?


Is there a workaround that can be used in this case?  How can the 'workflow task' list's workflow start when a task item is created from another workflow on another list?