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error in publishing workflow

Question asked by imen on Jan 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2018 by imen

hello , i have been working on wrokflow for a while , it workf fine. 

i update some fonctionnalites, and tiried to publish the workflow ,but i always receive this


and the workflow doesnot publish any new actions . 

 it refuse to publish the Workflow if i add a new action to it , !!!!

this is the error : 

soap: ServerThe server could not process the request. ---> Error while publishing the workflow: Application error.

i tried this : 

Perform an IISRESET as the assembly files may be using a cached version.

If the behavior persists after completing the above, perform the Workflow Activation step again.

  1. Navigate to: Central Administration > Nintex Workflow Management > Web application activation
  2. Select "All content web applications", and then select "Activate".

but no way !!!!!!!!!!!error message