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Issue displaying existing sharepoint list entries in lookup and calculated controls in Nintex form

Question asked by arykalin on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by emha

Hello Everyone! I’m using Sharepoint 2013 and Nintex forms on premise and am having an issue displaying data in 2 existing list columns in Nintex form: AttorneyName (list lookup control) and AttyEmployeeID (calculated value with a lookup function based on AttorneyName)


The new list entries that were added via nintex form can be reaccessed and are showingon the form ok (AttorneyName, AttyEmployeeID) and i can open the form, see AttorneyName and AttyEmployeeID and make changes. The problem arises for values that were already in sharepoint list prior (that i’ve imported via BDLC from SQL). These values are not showing in Nintex form. I have both fields connected to their respective list columns. The lookup and calculated fields are pulling from another source list on same site that just has Attorney names and their Employee IDs.


Do i need to use a variable? Any help would be much appreciated!