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Remove Term Store ID from Variable

Question asked by esthomason on Jan 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by esthomason

I am designing a workflow that successfully pulls in a text field "Primary Service" but seems to also include what I presume to be the Term Store ID of the value. (The list uses the term store for that field.)  Common among all results is the presence of a pipe ( | ) followed by information I don't need.


Because Primary Service will be variable in length, I cannot seem to use the fn-remove(). If there was a way to count the characters beforehand I suppose I could make this work but I can't find a facility to help with this.


1. What would be the best approach to address this problem? (I found similar examples but none specific to this one.)

2. If the remove() function is still a possibility (or other function), is there a "and follow" character that would allow me to delete everything to the right of and including the pipe?


This is my first foray into using inline functions so detail is welcome.