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SharePoint 2016 On-Premises using Nintex Live. 

Question asked by sandy_s on Jan 9, 2018
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Hi All,


Wishing you a very happy new year!

Recently, we met a customer who are leading infrastructure, building development and management organization company.

They are on SharePoint 2013 and 2016 On-premises environment. They asked for demonstrate Expense Claim form as its too manual. They asked for demonstrate Expense Claim form as its too manual.


  1. We demonstrated to them the Expense Claim scenarios in our SharePoint Online demo tenant showed how easy to develop Nintex forms and workflow.

    The customer mentioned approval will be done by internal staff as well as by many external clients (government councils, government agencies, and other private construction business entities etc.) 

    As SharePoint On-premises environment no CALs required for external users, we could use Nintex Live to achieve this.

    As Nintex Live is cloud based service that lives in the cloud and it allows to publish Nintex Forms outside of SharePoin
  2. Customer wants to save the external clients Nintex form within SharePoint On-Premises.

    What I know, that list/form will be in SharePoint On-premise environment irrespective whether its Internal or External.

    Q: Could anyone please confirm that? 
  3. Customer is quite concerned about safety of the data in the form as it could be confidential information.

    Q: Do we have any security related links/URLs specially to Nintex Live.

  4. With the brainstorming session with customer we came up this initial design:

    1. Customer have approximately around 3000 Nintex Forms and 1 Nintex workflow.
    2. The Nintex Workflow never gets changed.
    3. We recommended to maintain a centralized list of approvers and Nintex form can fetch each project. Provisioning a central list of approvers (in a custom list) in a site collection (SiteA)

    4. Each site has a specific project code for that site collection.
      For e.g.

    5. For a specific site, say SiteB, we need to extract project code from the URL
       and fetch in the Nintex Form along with the approver list that is defined in

      Q: Could we achieve this kind of functionality?

Any help would be highly appreciated

Thanks in advance.