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Workflow Error - Created By no longer exists

Question asked by christinagateley on Jan 8, 2018
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I had a scenario recently where I had to cancel a workflow on an item so I could run the latest version on it.  Every time I tried to start the new workflow on the item I kept getting an error message: Waiting for item to update.


This error only happened on this one item and I couldn't understand why.


Eventually I learnt that the person who created the item had since left the business so my guess is that the workflow couldn't update the item because it was waiting for a person that it couldn't find.


I'm now concerned that I have a number of existing items running on the same workflow and I'm unsure whether this error could happen again.


My question is: If a running workflow hits a point where it is expecting a specific person to update it or there is an action to send an email notification, but the person no longer exists, will the workflow error again?  And if so, is there a smart way to get around this to stop it happening again?


Thank you.