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Issue Retrieving Flexi Task ID

Question asked by murphybp2 Champion on Oct 28, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by ratnesh

I'm creating a custom reminder for a Flexi Task.  So I have a parallel action setup with one branch that has the Flexi Task, and the other has the reminder steps.  In the reminder notification, I want to include a link to approve the task.  Within the Flexi task action, there is the Approval URL item.  But since this reminder is outside of that action, I don't have that.  So I need to construct the URL myself, which isn't hard, as long as I have the task ID.  In the Flexi Task I have configured a variable to store the task ID.  However the problem I'm having is that when I insert that variable in my reminder, it's empty.  I tried adding a delay thinking it was a timing issue, but that didn't resolve the issue.  I'm wondering if that variable isn't set until the Flexi Task is completed.  Does anyone know?  Anyone have a solution for this scenario?  Thanks.