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Do Nintex Forms break SharePoint's "modern" details pane?

Question asked by ehindrichsen on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by ehindrichsen

Hi everyone,


I have a SharePoint Online list with new "modern experience" enabled. Also, I like to use the details pane to change properties of list items directly. One of the fields in the list is a multi-line rich-text field ("append text" is disabled). As soon as I create a Nintex Form for that list, I can no longer edit that field using the detail pane. When I click the edit button for that field in the details pane, a new form opens up on the right half of my screen, but except it's title (edit ">field name>" and a never-ending loading animation it shows nothing. I waited for several minutes, but the text editor and the field content for that field will not show up in the form. As soon as I delete the form it works fine again.


Are there known issues with this configuration?