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How to: Hide/show txtbox&radiobuttonlist + Multistep form required field error?

Question asked by vannytsx on Oct 27, 2014
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1. Hide/show textbox and radio button list

Let me first describe the scenario. E.g. Text box name is Fruits. Radio button list name is FruitList, and has 4 choices, A, B, C or D. What I need is for the initiator's input in the textbox Fruits to trigger the radio button list options to appear accordingly.

The solution has to make the scenario work.. whereby MULTIPLE different values entered can trigger choices to appear/hide accordingly.

E.g. when user types, 'strawberry' OR 'orange' in the textbox, then only choice A and B will appear.



I have tried the following solutions:


Set hide rule condition(formula builder) as :

Fruits!="strawberry"||"orange" , tick hide.

Fruits!=or(strawberry","orange"), tick hide.

I have also tried creating multiple radio lists + custom list columns.. this is redundant and I would prefer the solution not to have multiple radio button lists just to get this to work.


2. Multistep Form Required Field Error

I have tried creating a multistep form, according to this tutorial: How to design a Multi-Step form with Nintex Forms for Office 365

except mine has 6 parts. However, when I press next on part 1 page, after entering all the details required, I get the required field red highlight errors. I suspect the issue might be that I have fields on the part 1 page such as Requestor textbox, which retrieves data from the current user instead of having the user to input their names themselves.


I have tried the following solutions:

List settings > Required field :  No

Removing the textbox itself since it is auto and user does not need to input.