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Collection Variables not showing in target collection when configuring For Each action

Question asked by mjenkinstx on Jan 4, 2018
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I am very new with SP and Nintex, please be patient with me as I try to explain what I need to accomplish!


I have a SP data list with about 50 columns. I am trying to create a notification to be sent to an employee when a new item is added to the list. Since very often several new items will be added in bulk it is likely that a simple notification workflow will not work due to SP sending 1 email per new item. Using the directions found in a blog on this site (here) I am trying to get around sending multiple notifications by setting up a Query List action and then using For Each action to loop the data together to send in a notification.


I have created my variables for the collection and (I believe) successfully configured the Query List action. When I move on to the For Each action I have no options for the Target Collection in the dropdown. How do I populate the Target Collection dropdown options?


Thanks in advance for any assistance! Screen shots shared in attachments.