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Extracting Data from Approver comment

Question asked by mkriznja on Jan 8, 2018
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I have a question, how to extract only name and comment from LastApproversComments field... Example of approver comments field is:


 Name1 Surename1 (Not Required) 8.1.2018. 15:44 - Križnjak Matej (Approve) 8.1.2018. 15:44 - 8.1.2018. 15:46 (Križnjak Matej) I approve this item Name2 Surename2 (Not Required) 8.1.2018. 15:44 - Name3 Surename3 (Not Required) 8.1.2018. 15:44 - 


I want to extract only approver name and his comment like in Description (see picture attached)