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Update 1-3 Records on List B based on Status field in List A

Question asked by shephekg on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2018 by rhia

I am attempting to use a Nintex workflow to update the status field in List B based on the status of a field in List A. The common link between the two lists is Unique ID (List A) and PAS ID (List B).

List B can have 1-3 records with the same ID as List A, and I only want to select those 1-3 records and change the status, plus one other field.

After reviewing several different solutions, I tried using Query List (setting Collection Variables), For Each Loops, and Update Multiple Items; however, the result is that it is updating all items on the list rather than updating just the match on the IDs between the two lists.

I see several posts with similar questions, but I am not able to locate the exact solution for this particular question.

Any suggestions would be most appreciative.


I am using SharePoint 2010 with Nintex Workflow version Version: