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Filtering dropdowns correctly from one list.

Question asked by martinn on Jan 2, 2018
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may be that I did not understandig correctly the function of a cascading dropdown. I see only examples where more than one dropdown is used, but every dropdown is showing data from an other list.

So may be that there is a solution for my problem:

I have created a custom list lets call it "DocItems" containig (amongst other fields) 3 columns: a number column "Number" and 2 single text line columns "Name" and "Version". No one of the mentioned colums contains unique values. Only the combination of the 3 values has to be unique. This is solved by a workflow. That means there can be more than one item containg a  '101' in column "Number" and also a "Description of XY" in colum "Name" as long as column "Version" has different values.

A second list "DocOders" has a Nintex form for odering items from the above list. Per order only one item from the list "DocItems" can be selected. Therefore I have created a form with 3 dropdown fields "Number", "Name" and "Version". Other fields are containg data of the odering person. No column in this list is defined as lookup column.

As long as I do not use any filter every dropdown shows all data correctly. But that is not the solution I want to have.

The first dropdown "Number" has to display all available items every time so filtering this dropdown is not necessary.

But if I now want to filter the dropdowns "Name" and/or "Version" by the value selected in the first dropdown this dropdown has no data after the first value is choosen. So if the user chooses "101" in the number field and there are 4 records containg that value, I expect that the second dropdown shows only 4 records with the title.

Can anybody explain what is the reason for this behavior? Why is this not possible? Is there a solution or workaround?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


Kind regards