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Issue with repeater section in Nintex forms

Question asked by usharamanamma on Dec 27, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2017 by usharamanamma

Hi Team


I observed below issue with repeater section when deleting and adding new row.

Below is my jQuery [if IE 9]  [endif]

 NWF.FormFiller.Events.RegisterRepeaterRowAdded(function ()
 var $input1Val; 
  NWF$(".repeater .nf-repeater-row:not('.nf-repeater-row-hidden')").each(function ()
   var $row1 = NWF$(this);
   var $test =  $row1.find(".rep input").val();

For the first few times (before deleting) when i clicked on "Add new row",  i could see that the i get alert of all the values added in the text box.

When i delete one of the repeating row and click on "add new row", i expect that all the existing values in all rows should be looped through and get in alert box which is not happening strangly.



In text box 1 repeater i have value 10

In text box of the 2nd repeater - value is 20 - On click of Add new row, i see 10 and 20 alerts

In text box of the 3rd repeater - value is 30 - On click of Add new row, i see 10,20 and 30 alerts

Now i delete 3rd repeater which has value in text box as "30". - On click of Add new row, i see only value 10 in the alert and for 2nd and 3rd alerts it is blank. But it supposed to show 10 and 20


Please help.