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Workflow variable in task form not populated

Question asked by glenda on Dec 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2018 by glenda

Hi guys, 


I am working with Nintex for Office 365 and what I want to achieve is that an approver of an approval task can fill out a field on the task form of type "People". In the workflow I need to use the person that was provided. 


I have tried two scenario's:

  • Adding a person or group field to the Tasks List to all content types. The field does not show in my task form editor window in the Task Columns category nor within the "Connected to"-section. Also not after saving/refreshing my window.
  • Adding a workflow variable of type string which I connected to the People field on the form. When filling out the form and logging the contents of the variable afterwards in my workflow, it remains empty. 


Anyone having the same issue, or did someone get it working or maybe has a different solution? 

I am using Nintex responsive forms (and I would like to keep it this way as currently all my other forms are built in the responsive forms builder as well).


Kind regards,