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Validation Formula Help - contains and multiple options

Question asked by goodplans4us on Dec 21, 2017
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In my Nintex form I have 3 distribution types where the user should indicate a letter code. I tried doing all 3 situations in one formula and it didn't work so I did it piece by piece. The following 3 formulas work separately.


  I tried combining them with && statements and it didn't work

contains(Howshouldthismaterialbedistributed,"MACESS") && contains(Howshouldthismaterialbedistributed,"Pega) && contains(Howshouldthismaterialbedistributed,"xPression")&&ExistingLettersCode==''I switched the ANDs to ORs and it recognized it as required but didn't recognize that it had been completed.

I could probably just use the separate rules but I am concerned about have 3 validation rules applied to one field (plus 1 formatting rule to it's panel. In my experience it is best to keep the amount of rules as minimized as possible so if there is a way to combine these your help would be greatly appreciated.