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Question asked by pepsijoe on Dec 21, 2017
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I hope that this post isn't too long, but I need to explain the issue as fully as possible to get to the correct answer.  Not only am I new to Nintex, I am new to SharePoint, so this is not a learning curve, it is more of a learning cliff...

I also apologize if this post is in the wrong area!


I work with the West Point Army Band.  When an event requires music to be played, we fill out a "support form."  This form is nestled inside of SharePoint and sits within a library.  I want to create a workflow that accomplishes the following actions:


Upon form submission, it sends an email to a group of people (this, I have managed to do), afterwards, I want to it to create an event in the SharePoint calendar (so that all can see).  However, I don't have static user names and passwords.  The credentials used to access the computer (and SharePoint) are linked to the Common Access Card (CAC) that is different for every person.   So, if you don't have permissions to access SharePoint, you wouldn't be able to create the event.


In a perfect world, I would have it retrieve the current user credentials, from/through ActivClient, and use those to post the event to the calendar.  I understand that I could use Constants, but I don't want anything stored. 


I have ZERO CODING experience, so if possible, explaining this in laymen's terms would be very helpful.  Any information is greatly appreciated!!