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Workflow to check calender for Items in future, to generate folder & tasks

Question asked by paavoheikkinen on Dec 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2018 by emha

Hi community,


I am trying to create a workflow to weekly/daily check a calendar for new items, and then generating Folders and tasks to specific List/Libraries.

To make it a bit easier:

I have a Site with 20 different Clusters each having their individual owner and library (Each of the owners is able to see only his page). Additional to the clusters, I have a Calendar where I am filling elements that are the trigger for each Cluster to do something. E.g. When I add into the calender "Project123" with an enddate of 01.10.2018. I want the system, 7 months before enddate, to create a folder called "project123" to the library of each cluster, and to generate a task "Plan Project123" for each cluster owner.  


To achieve this I have currently 2 workflows, but am facing trouble with the second one.

1. Worfklow at the Sitelevel:

To calculate date 7 months from Today, and save it into a variable. Check the calendar for Items that are equal or smaller als the saved variable. And for each element found, changing a metadata "SoPin7Monate" into "yes"

2. Workflow at Cluster/Librarylevel (for each cluster):To set the responsible persons, and then check the Calendar for all elements that have "SoPin7Monate" equal to "Yes", and new metadata "Planned" equal to "No". For each of these elements I want to create a Folder called "Project123", and to change afterwards "Planned" to Yes. Currently I am stuck at this workflow, as it is running correctly but only generating the first Folder on the list.

Ànyideas what I am doing wrong, or if there isa better way?


Best wishes,