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Clear the managed metadata control using JavaScript

Question asked by on Dec 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2018 by soni.tumu

I have a Managed Metadata Control that I want to clear whenever a checkbox is unchecked.


Managed Metadata control


Client ID JavaScript variable name for the checkbox is 'fldCheckBox'

Client ID JavaScript variable name for the Managed Metadata control is 'fldMetaData'


I am using the following code -


      NWF$('#'+ fldCheckBox).change(function()
          if(NWF$('#' + fldCheckBox).prop('checked') == false)
               NWF$('#' + fldMetaData).val('');



I am able to get into the change event and into the if block as well.


However the following statement is not making the desired effect.

NWF$('#' + fldMetaData).val('');



Could somebody please help me with a JavaScript to clear this metadata control, whenever the checkbox is unchecked.


I would appreciate any help extended to me.