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name field not showing up in list view

Question asked by goodplans4us on Dec 18, 2017
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I've built a job request form in Nintex. Within it is a name field called "Project/Job Requestor". It's out of the box field. Interestingly enough I was told the out of box required options weren't supposed to work; they do and did in the preview and then only worked for some when I actually published the form. It's still on the back end with my leadership for final testing before I push it out to the company at the end of the year for 2018 requests. For some reason when I look at the list view the project job requestor doesn't show up. I confirmed that it shows in the edit properties option so there is no reason why it won't show in the list view. I thought it was because I wasn't testing the required option and at first didn't enter a name but I entered a separate request and completed all the necessary fields and still it doesn't show up. Thoughts?