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Copy calculated field text to a lookup column with matching text

Question asked by dougyk23 on Dec 15, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2017 by dougyk23

Ok first time asking a question here, hope it makes sense.I've been racking my brain how to do this using nintex workflows or any other option. 


I have a list that has a calculated column called 'NewSetup'. I have another lookup column in the same list called 'NewSetup_lkup'. This lookup column points to a list that has a list of values that will match to the value of the calculated column. 

I want to copy the calculated value in 'NewSetup' to the lookup column 'NewSetup_lkup' that has the same text value as 'NewSetup'.


I realize lookup columns use IDs instead of text, that's where i'm stuck. Not sure how to update a lookup value using text to match that up with the ID of the lookup list.


Any guidance/recommendations appreciated!