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Why is my lookup in a calculated value field not working with a list lookup control as filter?

Question asked by sunrise_harald on Dec 15, 2017
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Hi there,

I have a calculated value field that is performing a lookup that is filtered based on a value selected in a list lookup control:

"Environemt" is used as Filter for the List Lookup control "Server Name" to display only servers from the selected environment. "Server Type" is supposed to display the server type for the selected server name. I.e. the List Lookup control "Server Name" is used as filter for the calculated values lookup formular:

ServerLookup is the name of the List Lookup control. And I selected it from Named Controls.

The list that I query look like this:

Very basic as you can see.

But when I use the form the calculated value field show quickly a Loading... message and then blank:


Anybody any idea why this is not working?