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How to capture the display name of multiple people from a people/group column and insert in a notification?

Question asked by houman on Dec 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by cblackl2000

UPDATE: Click here for the detailed tutorial to answer this question.


I have a people/group column on my form. Users are able to enter more than one employee name. I want to capture the Display Name (not the user name) of the people in this field in a variable and insert it in a notification. If I use the column itself the value would be something like i:0#.w|domain./username 1, / (domain is the SharePoint root of the company). I can capture the Display Name of the first employee in the field by using Query workflow action and storing it in a workflow variable but I cannot do that for other people in the list. As example if the domain is and there are three people on the field e.g. John DoeBill Smith and Anna Kennedy if I insert the column directly in the notification I will get something like:


I can use Query User Profile and store the Display Name in a workflow variable but this will only capture the name of the first person. I appreciate your help.