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How to copy an Office document into the same library

Question asked by jpmhuls on Dec 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2018 by tmfitz

A customer would like the users to be able to copy an Excel document (of a custom Content Type) into the same library (and inside same document set), but without the metadata from the source document and a different name. the "Copy to SharePoint" action allows this, but despite unchecking the "Copy item meta data", the metadata is still copied into the destination ; yes there are a couple of required fields. On document creation a workflow is automatically started.


If I understand correctly, the metadata in the copy is filled from the data stored in the Excel file as well, and populate the fields when copied. This happens also when downloading the Excel file to the local hard disk, renamed and then uploading it again: metadata is populated again.


Does anyone has a simple or smart solution for this?


NB: I'm looking into using a temporary library solution....