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Please Help! How to create a type ahead field that auto-populates or autocompletes in Nintex and Sharepoint?

Question asked by chen.nwokorie on Dec 14, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by cdsommerfield

Hello All,


I am a self-taught Sharepoint user. I am currently using Nintex to create forms and workflows in Sharepoint 365. I have been given a case study for a job interview that requires the creation of a submission form. One of the list fields must:


   "be a type ahead field that will auto-populate for a list of names that pulls from a Sharepoint list"


So far I have 1) created a contacts list where the name data sits. I have also 2) created a nintex form. I need help on how to use javascript to create the feature that allows the type ahead autocomplete feature. Please help me in a step-by-step way if possible. I have read some posts on here but they havent been too clear in understanding. I am very new to javascript so please be gentile. Thank you.