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How to I change the project owner name in project server using a workflow?

Question asked by pallni on Dec 13, 2017
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I have a list workflow using the call a web service action create projects of a certain type in my project center based on the answers to questions in a form.  I used this wonderful forum post to accomplish this.


The service account is creating the projects but I did use a people picker in my list to capture the name of the assigned project manager.  I want to take the people picker field and overwrite the service account with the assigned project manager name I collected in the list.  I am able to do this manually through the UI. 


I have the Nintex project for project server tool.  There is no field in the update project properties action to update owner name directly.  So It will have to be backed into it seems.  I was able to get project prop author to update from the people picker field, but that is different than the project owner.  Proj_Prop_Manager is null. 



I found ProjectOwnerID as an option and was able to retrieve my Resource UID from the resource center, but when I try to set my UID as ProjectOwnerID, I get a resource not found error (User '203c8139-1669-e411-80ce-a6df8a478799' not found.) even though I was able to retrieve it and see it written in my log.  That is my UID and I am storing it in a single line of text variable and trying to write it the highlighted field defined below.  Is their a format issue? 


Can someone give me some guidance here?  I'm somewhat new to all this but learning quickly.  The trial and error method is becoming very time consuming.  Thanks in advance.