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I want to set column1(for ex) value into multiple coulmns while submitting the nintex form

Question asked by jagadesh on Dec 11, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2017 by krishnachaluvadi

Hi Emily Billing,


I have column (for ex column name is SupplierName) and I have a value in that field, I want to update same value in the multiple columns while submitting the request.

I wrote a function like below to update value in some other columns

function SupplierName(value) {
NWF$("#" + col2).val(value);

NWF$("#" + col3).val(value);

NWF$("#" + col4).val(value);


I can able to get the value from the suppliername filed by using below

value= NWF$("#" + SupplierName).val();


Now I want to know how can I call that function and pass the value to another fields



Jagadeeswar Reddy D.