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State Machines, Switch Loops vs On Modified

Question asked by bmathews on Dec 14, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by greenawayr

I am currently in the process of converting a number of workflows from SP2010 to Nintex on SP2013.  


As part of this conversion, I am questioning if I should change the logic I have been using. 


Our workflows are all approval processes which go through different stages of approval and status until they are completed.


In the past, the way I created them was that there was a single workflow which checked for a status change (using a second text column) and then  if the status changed, I executed that if-then statement. 


The entire workflow would run every modification.  


Now, looking at Nintex with State Machines or even the Switch statements with looping, is it best practice to NOT execute the workflow on every modification but rather have the workflow run on created and use a singular workflow throughout the process?


I have not started testing this out yet but it seems to make more sense to me.  I just was trying to see if there were major flaws to using state machine or switch loops vs using a switch loop which runs on the current status every time the item is modified.