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Get Lookup values on nintex workflow

Question asked by hernan24381 on Dec 10, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2017 by hernan24381

I'm working with a nintex form to implement changes at some process in the company.

I have a field in it form called Process. It is a choice field and is showed in the form as checkboxs.

The user can select the proccess that are present in the change that he would like to do.

I have another a list with two fields Process (text field type) and Approver (person or group field type)

When the user save the form a nintex workflow is started and I need to check in a list the process that the user selected and get the name of the approver for each process selected. Then I need to set the participants of the block called Start a Task Process with these approvers. I tried to do that with a foreach loop of the field process but i had not success.

Please, can someone help me to achieve this

Thank you