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NWC Salesforce Form Field Data

Question asked by shamilrocks on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2018 by mlbgolfnow

Hello, I am trying to run a quick demo of using Nintex Workflow Cloud in Salesforce with a Start Event via SalesForce Form.  I want to key in on an Opportunity and all it returns as a context variable is Opportunity ID.  Are there resources to show an example of getting the rest of the Salesforce Opportunity Data via the Opportunity Object ID?  For example Account Name and Current Owner.  


The goal would be to pull this information into variables to use for the doc generation action in which I can tag a Powerpoint with specified info in the SF Opportunity.  The reason I am not using Drawloop is that I want the source and output to be located in Dropbox and Drawloop does not have that native integration.