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Bring data from a list into a repeating section and retain versioning

Question asked by cmikhaiel on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by emha

I'm trying to find a solution to the business case below and I heavily depend and trust the community members to come up with some great ideas to help with this..


Business Case: 

I need to have a data entry form where the users can insert some project reporting information on the current month report. The data is to be extracted into another list (raw data list) where this data can be reported on via some dashboards. 

The data entry information must be inserted on the form, preferably a repeating section for each category. I need to be able to modify and update the (raw data list) for the dashboard as well as be able to keep the versioning. 

I need to be able to retrieve the most recent information from the raw data list back into the repeating section and if possible have a way to show the previous versions via a link or any other way.


I can extract the info from the repeating section to the raw data list but how can I edit the repeating section and update the information back into the raw data list as well as do the versioning of each line item, is that even possible!  


I tried using list view control of a datasheet view on the form to update that raw data directly but the datasheet view is not supported in Nintex. The data entry on that form needs to be the easiest way possible. 


Ideas please!