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Nintex Form with or without content types

Question asked by nirmala on Dec 6, 2017
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We have a requirement or creating lots of lists with Forms and Workflows behind them as part of digitising the paper forms. Most of the lists we have probably will have one custom Content Type if we intend to create a Content type, otherwise the columns would be just list columns. As part of the process I have got few questions.


Can we create a Nintex Form onto a list directly without a custom Content Type, if so are there any disadvantages or things or limitations which I should be aware of.


Otherwise if we are creating a Nintex Form with a custom Content Type/s (single or multiple) are there any issues or limitations which i needed to be aware of.


As I only have one custom Content Type on most of the forms, is it worthwhile creating a Content Type and then creating the Form based on the Content Type or just create the Form with default content type.


What is the recommended approach, creating Nintex Forms onto a List with a custom Content Type or without custom Content Type.