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How do move a list from one site collection to another ?

Question asked by dipetersen on Dec 5, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2017 by krishnachaluvadi

We have a list that was created in one SharePoint 2013 Web Application that utilizes a Nintex Form and also a Nintex Workflow.  We attempted to move the list to our Development environment so that we could make changes to the form/workflow.


1.  We saved the list as a template.

2.  We used that template to create a new list in the Development environment.

3.  We opened the Nintex form and published it.



Here is where the problem occurs.  When I open the form in the Form Designer and click Preview, I get the error that says there has been an unexpected error.  I can publish the form without error, but when I attempt to create a new list item, I get the same "Unexpected error."


I have been searching for guidance on moving lists that use Nintex forms and I can't find any possible reason I get an error.  The list itself does not contain any lookups and only one People field.  All the rest are text, numbers and currency.


I have not attempted to move the workflow to the new list because the form won't work.