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Access Denied for setting up Task Delegation

Question asked by fccrous Champion on Dec 4, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2017 by rogerb

Good day,


I have a few of my users that is getting an Access Denied error when they are trying to setup Task Delegation before the holiday period.


I read on a blog that as soon as a user has read access to the site, he or she will have access to the site settings under \_layouts\*  and this is where the Nintex views are  ( _layouts/NintexWorkflow/DelegationView.aspx) but this seems not to be the case as my users are able to open the intranet and then select the delegation option...which means they have at least read access.


Does anyone know how to access these views or how to grant specific permissions for the Task Delegation function directly?  Or maybe there is a different solution for problem.


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