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Can't Open Form after approval

Question asked by dipetersen on Dec 1, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by emha

We have a Nintex form that once filled out, goes through multiple approvals.  What we have found is that once the form has an approval, regular users get a "You don't have access to the Page" error.  Myself and the other admin can access all the list items.  The users can access list items that haven't received any approvals, but they can't access list items that have gone through the approval process.


We have gone through the workflow and there is no step where we are changing permissions.  When I check permissions on the actual list item, it says that users should be able to access the page.


We can't figure out what is causing them to be denied access to the form once approvals have run.  This is a production list, so it's critical at this point.  I have submitted a ticket, but thought I'd ask here also.