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userProfileLookup PreferredName returning #Value!

Question asked by nmjohns on Dec 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by brightlight

I'm trying to use userProfileLookup to return "PreferredName" but it's returning "#Value!". The formula I first tried was userProfileLookup(Current User, "PreferredName") from Retrieving User Account Display Name with Nintex Forms - Nintex Knowledge Base .

I even tried doing a substring of the first 7 characters since normally CurrentUser returns "i:0#.w|domain\user" but that didn't work either. 


I read through Returning displayName using userProfileLookup and a separate thread where the fix was creating a site at the root level. Neither was my issue. 


I should also specify that hardcoding the domain\user in the calculated value doesn't work either. 


I have no idea why this isn't working for me. Anyone have anything different I can try?