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lookup to a list on a different page / site ?

Question asked by bimi82 on Nov 28, 2017
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I am trying to implement the lookup function to check the selected value from a drop down and
then show me the result from column Manager.



The cost center is a lookup function which looks at a list on a different page. My idea behind is so that when a cost center number is selected from the drop down, then it should show the relevant manager.


The CostCentre list contains Cost Cetre Nr | Manager | Exec etc.


The problem is for me how to make the lookup fetch the data from a list on a different page??
This is the url to the actual list: 


I have tried the following as a calculated function:

lookup("|CostCentre ", "ID",CostCentre,"Manager")



the result states "Loading..." but no results showing.

Any advise in what I am doing wrong .... ???