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Transferring Nintex workflows to another site

Question asked by sarahjohn on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2017 by rogerb

In production environment, we have a SharePoint site with some Nintex 2007 workflows. Now we need to replicate the production site for testing purposes.


The target server already had Nintex Installed when I restored the SharePoint backup.

Unfortunately, it turned out Nintex license has expired on it so we're a little paralyzed.


The workflows seem to have been moved with the backup, however some workflow steps in Nintex designer show exclamation marks with this tooltip:

queryListActivity1 of type Nintex.Workflow.Activities.QueryListActivity is unrecognized by Nintex Workflow

When I activate Nintex license, how can I ensure that Nintex workflow is deployed correctly? I see the following options:

copy Nintex database to the new server and try hook it up with Nintex instance (how?);
save existing workflows on source server using Nintex Export feature and upload them on target server.
What is the best one, or are there any other options available?