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How do I use Nintex Live to upload a file to Google Drive?

Question asked by on Oct 22, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2014 by bamaeric

We've been using Nintex Workflow for sometime now and are now wanting to use Nintex Live to send files to Google Drive. We have a simple workflow where we have added the "Google Drive upload file" action, and in the settings for that action set:



We've published the workflow and when we add a file to the library, the workflow starts and then errors out:

"Error performing Google Drive upload file activity. Reason: There was a validation error. Error: Some of the provided parameters failed the validation check. Please check the exception details!.Validation error 1 - InputAuthorizerEmail. Reason: Required p"


There's obviously a number of steps we're missing, but I can't find any documentation anywhere that explains how to use these actions. Nintex Live health check in central admin came back fine.