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Edit string/ replace function

Question asked by chrissch on Nov 24, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2018 by Sherry H

Hello, I am only a trainee and am currently learning to use Nintex.

Apologies if this question is easy to answer:


Well my problem is:


I have a calculated value which is doing a look up to a SharePoint list. Thats fine, it works.

But I want to edit the string.


Currently the calculated value is showing me: "Name, FirstName" but I want to see only the First name. How i could configure it?


My approach:


replace(parseLookup(lookup("/|Kostenstellen/Kostenträger","ID",KST/KT ID,"Verantwortlicher")),"","")


But I don't know which syntax/ command I have to use in the area replacePattern, replacement to geht every letter after the comma.


Example: Look Up = Yelnats, Chris

Goal: Look Up - Replace function (show me everything after comma) = Chris


Sorry for the German words, but i hope it's enough.


Thanks in advance!


If my approach is wrong anybody knows if I could use reg expression in Nintex Forms 2013?