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Get data from another list triggered by a calculated profile value.

Question asked by walter9000 on Nov 23, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2017 by emha

Good Day Team,

I need your suggestion about my request, The maint list is called "UserProfil" I am trying to pull information from the user profil and put into the nintex form. So far I was able to get the current user profile information, however there are some fields that I was not able to find, field like zip code, state, city and so on. So What I am trying to do is bring the information from another sharepoint list called locations, I put in the sharepoint list "Locations" all the possibles addresses that could be exist and my idea is create a lookup between my locations and Userprofil, in the form (Userprofile) I was able to get the "location code " and what I need is, based in the code Location trigger and get the other fields (zip code, city, state...) from the list Locations but I am not sure if it posible, I have been trying but I failed.


Here is my maint list "Profil"

This is the list "locations" that i am trying to associate to the the blank fields.


I will really appreciate any suggestion.  Thanks in advance.