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Problem with document generation tagging excel repeating rows

Question asked by scynerp on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2018 by scynerp

Hi all,


I have recently had to change a workflow to the newer version of DocGen but I am struggling to work out why my collection data is not being listed properly in the Excel file.

I have followed a blog posted by Patrick Hosch ( but I don't see any data when the file is built.

I have tried multiple ways of doing this; selecting a range of cells for the data (which shows nothing), and selecting the top row of the table (which shows a single row of data), but I am lost in this at the moment.

What I have is 5 columns of data which can be variable in the number of rows (but up to a max of 5) and each row has different data; Date, Reference, and other data.

There are other non-collection variables that do show on the Excel file but my main concern is why the collection data doesn't show.

Edit: I have placed the Row Start variable from the Table fields in the first row (date Sample Drawn) under the header and then I selected multiple rows beneath that row for the separate columns. This showed nothing in the Excel file.

I then selected one specific cell in each column and it showed the first element from each of the collection variables.


Any help would be appreciated.


Date Sample DrawnReferenceTypePeriodChargeStrengthVolume