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emails not firing in workflow O365

Question asked by ghemby on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by cdsommerfield

I've built a Nintex WF that's very simple and has three emails. At first it worked fine, all emails were firing and working as expected, then they stopped. I tried everything and finally decided to build another WF just in case something was corrupted in the first one. Again, the new workflow worked great for about two hours, then the emails stopped, some came in more than an hour later and then they stopped coming at all. I've read where some users think it's O365 not working correctly. I think this started happening when the last "soft" update was pushed out about a month ago. Anyway, what can I do? We just purchased the Nintex (WF and Forms) about a year ago and we're up for renewal in April. If I can't get these WFs running smoothly on a consistent basis, we'll have to look elsewhere for another solution. I really like Nintex and would hate to have to give it up!