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Nintex Forms - data in required fields not saved to the list

Question asked by marekan on Nov 20, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2017 by marekan

Hi all,


I have a very strange issue. For one of our application we are using Nintex forms to enable user to submit and manage the items in the list.


The list contains several fields and some of those are required in the list settings. One of those fields is Start Date and End date. And the problem is that on 3 occassions it happened that user was able to save the form without any data in these fields. Or it could be that user entered them but those were not saved into the list. There is a workflow on that list set to start on item creation and this fails when those dates are not in.


Anyone else has encoutered this before please?


I tried to google around but have not really found anything remotelly related to this.


Many thanx for any kind of answer.