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What happens if I update information already captured in a list?

Question asked by jacquiea on Nov 21, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2017 by Enrico Knapp

Hi All - I'm a new user and still getting my head around the intricacies of Nintex and would love some assistance.


I am making some changes to an existing form/list and I would like to know how it might affect the existing metadata in the list.


Currently, there are two choice columns in the list: Section and Risk Category

These columns contain existing metadata captured from previously completed forms.


The owner now wants to add further detail:

Risk sub-category which would sit below Category


Group which would sit above section

Additionally, some of the existing metadata has been updated/changed.


I have set these up as cascading drop downs, which results in the information coming into the list in single line of text columns.


The key question I have is: am I able to update the information in the list so that the previously existing metadata fits the new metadata, and

what are the implications if I do alter this?


I assume that if I update it in the list, then it will no longer match what is in the form (because if I click on the form for an old item it will refer to that old form)?


Any help appreciated, thank you.