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How to copy a Managed Metadata value to a single line text field?

Question asked by kjhawkins on Nov 20, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2018 by dweyrick

Using on-prem SP & Nintex 2016.

I need to copy the value in a managed, metadata field called Route.  The javascript client ID is vRouteMMD.  The target field is called RouteCopy with a javascript client ID of vRouteCopy.  RouteCopy is not connected to any column.  I have used the follow javascript (note the "alert" returned 'undefined' when un-commented).  RouteCopy does not get populated.  I have tried numerous variations on this code, but no joy.    Its seems so simple . . .


var varRouteMMD = NWF$('#' + vRouteMMD).val();
NWF$('#' + vRouteCopy).val(varRouteMMD);


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!